National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS)

BrightStar Credit Union NMLS# 582860

Mortgage Loan Originator

Patti Albert: 747138

Aseef Amin: 1381174

Anisa Anirudhsingh: 706749

Kathleen Bacco: 585522

Utavia Binns: 703674

David Birulin: 893522

Diana Blackburn: 662520

Brittany Bryant: 897728

Gregory Cassamajor: 646811

Yamarie Cordero: 1393370

German Crisanto: 1502794

Mavia Danford: 665239

Patricia DaSilva: 862552

Caridad Daubert: 1502749

Zoie DiGioia: 704513

Angie Ellis-Ocampo: 1424088

Christine Evangelis: 688849

Dorcas Ferrer Maldonado: 1571878

Jeff Foote: 1443599

Tacorria Francis: 1513739

Ashley Frederick: 1490082

Felicia Glinton: 1423764

Sondra Gomez: 1488083

Ana Gonzalez: 916976

Kimberly Gray: 704821

Christine Hipolito: 653868

Dionne Jacobs: 706546

Stephanie Jeannitton: 1559845

Marjorie Joseph-Pierre: 1490065

Lottoya Lewinson: 1477318

Jennifer Lizardi: 653529

Cynthia Lorenzo: 1334998

Zunilda Luna: 1504926

Karlene McFarland: 1070824

Angel McGee: 1436083

Kathleen McKee: 1444240

Fareda Mohammed: 663066

Narima Nandan: 475573

Manisha Ramjassingh: 662520

Shelley Ramnauth: 704695

Gregory Ramsingh: 1469713

Liliana Restrepo: 1447486

Meaghann Rigg: 1393271

Jannys Rivera: 1524656

Vanessa Rodrigues Souza: 1267658

Amanda Ruddy: 710347

Tahirah Sealy Peterson: 1502780

Laurel Smikle: 475737

Josh Sparks: 1529619

Eugenie Thomas: 1504765

Courtney Tiggertt: 1423754

Jose Tirador: 1520240

Jared Tobar: 1296852

Lauren Torres-Rodriguez: 1573736

Carmen Velez: 666238

Yiseth Villamil: 1113447

Junie Vung: 671360

Giovanni West: 1502786

Catrice Wiggins: 1502787

Reina Youssef: 1373127

Patricia Zuzolo: 1502903

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When you open a BrightStar CU account, you become a member. Your membership is your passport to a whole world of Credit Union services. Join for as little as $1. Once you're a member, you're eligible to apply for other accounts-including checking, loans, credit cards, and more. We offer 3 convenient ways to join:

  • Submit an application online
  • Complete a PDF application online, then mail it
  • Visit your nearest BrightStar CU branch location

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Broward, Collier, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach OR St. Lucie Counties, Florida. BrightStar CU serves Broward Schools, as we've proudly done for over 70 years. We provide services to local Partner Organizations, which offer BrightStar CU as a benefit to their employees. Family members of the above named groups are also eligible to join.