National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS)

BrightStar Credit Union NMLS# 582860

Mortgage Loan Originator

747138 Albert Patricia
1381174 Amin Aseef
1817554 Austin Jenieve
585522 Bacco Kathleen
662520 Blackburn Diana
1527733 Burton Bernard
1679717 Candiotti Melissa
1070060 Carrera Yaskara
437069 Castro Jose
1859478 Clarke Aundrae
1727532 Clarke Jacqueline
1242078 Co Marilyn
1393370 Cordero Yamarie
1502794 Crisanto German
1502749 Daubert Caridad
704513 DiGioia Zoie
1900803 Dixon Kevon
924853 Donahue John
1424088 Ellis-Ocampo Angie
688849 Evangelis Christine
1513739 Francis Tacorria
1490082 Frederick Ashley
598388 Gherdovich Jason
826216 Gonzalez Barbara
1727420 Gonzalez Barbara
1601070 Gowdie Shaneil
1760357 Guzman Cherdyne
706546 Jacobs Dionne
1747473 Johnson Amber
1715493 Kitt Nicklette
644180 Lanuto Jeanette
1777883 Londono Sebastian
1504926 Luna Zunilda
1797235 Magiste Donica
810963 Major Jenay
1312392 Maldonado Milagro
1738663 Marte Joanna
1792551 Massa Megan
784874 Mateo David
1444240 McKee Kathleen
1737909 McKenna Maria
1834389 Mederos Molina Anabel
1884818 Mendez Cynthia
663066 Mohammed Fareda
475573 Nandan Narima
660338 Navarrete Phillip
1716923 Neish Nicole
1826272 Perrot Pamela
1010821 Pinho Melissa
1447486 Restrepo Liliana
1524656 Rivera Jannys
1410963 Rivera Katrina
1573663 roberts Deniece
1267658 Rodrigues Souza Vanessa
710347 Ruddy Amanda
1127484 Sarno Aimee
1131527 Serrano Sandybel
1561811 Sifontes Lista Andrea
1890788 Tassy Tatie-Anna
1504765 Thomas Forrester Eugenie
1423754 Tiggertt Courtney
1715794 Vernon Chanell
671360 Vung Hau
1739925 Watts Yvonne
1373127 Youssef Reina

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When you open a BrightStar CU account, you become a member. Your membership is your passport to a whole world of Credit Union services. Join for as little as $1. Once you’re a member, you’re eligible to apply for other accounts-including checking, loans, credit cards, and more. We offer 3 convenient ways to join:

  • Submit an application online
  • Complete a PDF application online, then mail it
  • Visit your nearest BrightStar CU branch location

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Broward, Collier, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach OR St. Lucie Counties, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Osceola, Brevard, Manatee, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee, Indian River, Sarasota, DeSoto, Charlotte, Glades, Hendry and Monroe Counties, Florida. BrightStar CU serves Broward Schools, as we’ve proudly done for over 70 years. We provide services to local Partner Organizations, which offer BrightStar CU as a benefit to their employees. Family members of the above named groups are also eligible to join.

Last updated 02-12-2020