Move Your High Interest Balances To Your BrightStar Credit Card and Save.

Pay off other credit cards with your existing BrightStar Credit Card* and enjoy this low rate for six months on the amounts you transfer. After that, your APR will be your Variable Standard APR for Balance Transfers.

Compare our competitive rates to other bank or department store cards and we might be able to save you money!

BrightStar Credit Card benefits include:

• No annual fee
• No balance transfer fees
• Great low interest rates
• Same low interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances as on purchases
• No cost travel accident insurance, auto rental discounts and luggage insurance

Regular credit card purchases and cash advances will be billed at the normal APR for

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*The Prime Rate used to determine your APR is the highest rate published in the Wall Street Journal as selected by the Credit Union in the calendar month preceding the month in which the APR changes. Transfers and balance payoffs will not result in closure of your other credit cards/loans. You must notify the financial institution directly to request account closure. Transfers will NOT be initiated in excess of your credit limit. Any balance remaining with another financial institution after the balance transfer check is issued will be your responsibility. It is your responsibility to make minimum payments on your other credit cards/loans until the balance(s) have been transferred. All overpayments must be refunded by the other institution. Offer ends March 31, 2015.