Benefits of e-Statements
BrightStar e-Statements are a Greener way of managing your account for free.

View your BrightStar Credit Union account statements online using Online Banking. It's safe, convenient and free. Sign up for e-Statements, and we'll stop mailing your paper statements and simply send you an email reminder once your account statement is available for viewing online.

1. Your e-Statement will typically arrive sooner than mailed statements.

2. You can print out your statement so you can still have
a hardcopy.

3. You can save it to disk for electronic record keeping.

4. A regular mailed statement is susceptible to theft.
An e-Statement is secure and password protected.

5. You can access your current and past e-Statements
through Online Banking. This means that you can view your
e-Statement from any location that has internet access. Just login to your online account and click on 'online statements'.

6. e-Statements are a greener way of managing your account for free. e-Statements can help reduce paper, can lower costs for the Credit Union, plus it might save a few trees. Sign Up Today Login to “Online Banking” from our home page. Once in Online Banking Click “Online Statements.” You will then be prompted to register.