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Travel in time with BrightStar & Colonial Williamsburg

BrightStar Credit Union would like to take you and your students on a historical trip back in time to meet and greet famous people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson! Together with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, we may all share the rich heritage of America that awaits as you and your students travel into our nation’s past.

About BrightStar Sponsorships

For the twelfth year in a row, funding of Colonial Williamsburg’s interactive media is being underwritten by BrightStar Credit Union. NEW this year is the launching of HERO! The extensive content previously housed within each Electronic Field Trip’s  (EFTs) web site is now in HERO, the History Education Resources Online multimedia library. The new site houses fourteen thematic units of study based on the 2013-2014 EFT season and the 2014-2015 season. The Electronic Field Trips continue to air on BECON and via live video streaming as before.

Normally, the cost for your school to participate in HERO would be $250.  The EFTs and their resources in HERO are targeted toward the 5th-grade level, but  are used successfully in grades 4 through 8. The BrightStar Credit Union sponsorship is limited to Broward County elementary and middle schools with 5th-grade classes. Other schools may qualify as well on a first come-first served basis, up to a total of 60 schools. Once a school is subscribed, each of the teachers in that school may register their classroom and participate.

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Subscribing to HERO and Participating in the 2014-2015 Electronic Field Trips

Colonial Williamsburg offers a series of seven EFTs throughout the school year, broadcast monthly from October through April. Subscription application will begin on August 15th. Please note that scholarships are limited to 60 schools and will automatically be closed once 60 schools have signed up.  It’s easy! Just click on this link to sign up for your school’s subscription to HERO. Since it is a school-wide site license, only one teacher from a school needs to apply.

Once your school is subscribed to HERO, you'll register your class and gain access to dedicated web sites with your Username and Password, where you will find lesson plans for use before and after the broadcast, a special toll-free phone number that your students can call during the broadcast and for one hour afterward to ask questions, plus bibliographies, historical topic overviews historical topic overviews, glossaries, time lines, and primary sources to help you make the best use of the program. In addition, registered schools have recording rights in perpetuity to the live broadcasts.

About Colonial Williamsburg
For seventy-five years, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has provided resources to support history education in the nation’s schools. By working with educators, Colonial Williamsburg has developed an array of resources and teaching strategies to excite and engage students in the study of American history. The CWF motto, “that the future may learn from the past,” focuses our energies on developing young citizens who see the value and necessity of participating in this experiment in democracy that we call America.

Established in 1926, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is the not-for-profit educational institution that preserves and operates the restored 18th-century Revolutionary capital of Virginia as a town-sized living history museum, telling the inspirational stories of our nation’s founding men and women. Within the restored and reconstructed buildings, historic interpreters, attired as colonial men and women from slaves to shopkeepers to soldiers, relate stories of colonial Virginia society and culture – stories of our journey to become Americans – while historic trades people research, demonstrate and preserve the 18th-century world of work and industry.