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BrightStar members understand the importance of credit unions in the community. Free services, lower rates, fewer fees…these are all things worth rallying for. As a partial owner of BrightStar, you can stand with us as we speak out on policies and legislations that threaten credit unions worldwide.

Stop the Data Breaches

Credit unions work hard to protect member's secure data. When a breach occurs, it costs the institution and its members tremendously. The money spent on recovering from these breaches directly affects a credit union's ability to offer low interest rates and free services. With breaches happening every day, it's crucial to know what they are and how you can help prevent them. Learn how you can help stop the data breaches.

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Common - Sense Regulation

It's critical for local institutions like BrightStar to be able to decide what's best for its members and the community. Removing costly regulations on credit unions is a necessity. Learn more about the campaign for Common - Sense Regulation.

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How we are helping

The fact that there is power in numbers has always held true. United with other credit union members across the country, we have spoken out on behalf of regulatory fairness for credit unions nationwide.
  • $1.7 billion has been spent by credit unions on excessive new policies since 2010. These protocols cost members on average $71 per year. We stand with credit union members throughout the nation to ask both U.S. senators and representatives to protect us from these policies.
  • Credit unions collectively opposed a tax raise from Congress that was aiming to increase taxes for 96 million credit union members nationwide. This action supported the American people and their financial freedom of choice.