We know change can sometimes be a little daunting. If you’d like more
Online Banking help, please check
our Frequently Asked Questions.
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If you previously bookmarked another URL in your internet browser, it’s time to update. From now on use BrightStar to login directly from our home page.
BrightStar credit card users will no longer need a separate login to access credit card information.

Now you simply login to Online Banking, and you’ll see your credit card listed on your Account Summary page.  Then  just click your card for more detailed information and to make a credit card payment, etc.

Online BillPay Users
There are no changes to Online BillPay at this time. Simply login to Online Banking like normal and click BillPay. All of your previous settings and payees, etc., will remain the same.
Choose a New Member ID (Optional)
With new Online Banking, you’ll have the option to change your login ID to a unique Member ID of your choosing. If you do this, your member number will stay the same, but you will login to Online Banking with your personal Member ID instead of your member number. So if you want to login as “NumberOneMom” or “WorldsBestSaver” (or something else), you can do so. You set your Member ID after you’ve logged in right on the Account Summary page.
Go Mobile
If you prefer to access
Online Banking through a mobile device, just go to m.bscu.org. That’s a special site optimized for smaller devices where you’ll be able to sign in to a special mobile web version of Online Banking. (
Mobile online banking coming in April; smart phone apps coming later in 2011)
What’s My Password/PIN? Traditionally, you’ve logged into Online Banking using your
member number and your Call24 PIN. Now, when you login for the first time, you’ll set a new Online Banking password. This password will now be separate from your Call24 PIN. Your existing Call24 PIN will not change when you update your Online Banking account.
Business Online Banking Business Online Banking users can simply click the “Business” tab on our home page or bookmark bscu.org/business to login. At this time, Business Online Banking
is not changing—so there’s
no need for you to
reestablish your online

Exciting New Features!

Update your Mailing and Email Addresses.
Just login then make the changes right from your Account Summary page.

Pending Transactions
Now when you click your account to view its history, you’ll be able to see all of the pending debit and ACH transactions on your account.

Account Alerts
Setup account alerts to be delivered as an email or a text message to your mobile device.

And More!
We encourage you to explore new Online Banking.