If you save $20 per week starting the first week of January, then you’ll have more than $1000 before year-end.  Make it $50 per week, and you could reach a goal of $2600 by year end.

BrightStar Credit Union offers a variety of programs to help you save for the future:

  1. Use your BrightStar Savings account, open a second savings account or start a WISH account. Then make regular deposits throughout the year.

  2. Automatic Transfers.  We can setup an automatic transfer to occur to your savings account(s) weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.  Here’s the form to establish an automatic transfer. You can also easily setup your own automatic transfers using Online Banking.

  3. Direct Deposit. Have recurring checks (i.e. payroll checks, social security checks, etc.) direct deposited to BrightStar. Combine this with automatic transfers to establish a painless way to save.  Click here for details about setting up direct deposit.

  4. Consider a certificate or money market account. Start a BrightStar CD with as little as $500 and open a money market account with at least $2500.  These accounts typically pay even better dividend rates than our other savings options.

  5. Open savings accounts for your children or grandkids.  It’s never too early to start teaching kids the importance of saving for their future.

For more information about all of these programs, please visit one of our nearest locations or call us at 954-486-2728.