Hey kids! I’m Cosmo,
Super Saver Hero!

I am from the ICUS (Intergalactic Credit Union Association) and I am teaming up with BrightStar Credit Union to help you start saving. You’re invited to be part of Cosmo’s Kids Club for young savers up to 12.

It’s Easy to Join Cosmo’s Kids Club!

If you’re already a member of BrightStar CU and under 13 years of age, then you are automatically enrolled in Cosmo’s Kids Club. Just pick up a Super Saver Card from your favorite BrightStar Credit Union teller or representative, and you can start saving! If you’re not a member yet, simply drop by one of our branch locations to open a Cosmo’s Super Savers account. It’s FREE!

Each Time You Make

a deposit of $2.00 or more, you’ll earn a stamp on your Super Saver Card. Collect five stamps then trade in your card for your choice of prizes in Cosmo’s treasure box!

Fun Activities

Choose One!